Are You Struggling To Keep Sabbath Alone?

“If Sabbath is a new word in your vocabulary, there’s a chance you’ll be experiencing it solo. Coming from either a non-believing background or a Christian one, you’ll likely face opposition from those around you who don’t understand what you’re doing or why.” 

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Author: Terrie Carpenter

You, my friend, are not alone! I have been observing the Sabbath solo since I found in the Bible that Sabbath is still an active commandment. If the Holy Spirit has revealed the Sabbath truth to you, follow His prompting, even if you do it alone! I would like to share what a solo Shabbat looks like in my house.

Before sundown on Friday.
I make sure all chores are caught up, knowing that I won’t be doing chores again until Sunday. I also plan ahead for my Sabbath meals to prevent me from doing any work in meal preparation and eliminating any need to run to the store, thus breaking the Sabbath by spending money. About an hour before sundown, I do a last minute check through the house, and begin to prepare my mind for entering in to YHWH’s rest. It’s about that time that I begin to feel the anticipation building.
Ahhh…sundown at last!

As Sabbath Begins:
I begin with lighting my candles and a private prayer of thanks and dedication. Next, I head to a website,
http://, which has a wonderful Shabbat service, with prayers, scriptures, and even a candle lighting! The site also has the week’s Torah portions, a messaging board for fellowship, and a plethora of other interesting tidbits. After services, I begin to really dig in to the relaxing and connecting to my Creator. With great purpose, I do nothing for the remainder of the night.

Saturday morning,
I relax and shuffle through my Torah Portions, praying for insight and revelation. At some point, I take a Sab-Bath, soaking my tired body in a full tub of bubbles with no time limit. I pray for cleansing, healing and restoration and just relish the decadent experience.
I don’t forget to let my mind wander through the Word and allow it to ponder the bigger questions. The kind of questions that really don’t need an answer, but I just wonder about. It is a very casual conversation with my Heavenly Father, and almost always ends in laughter. He thinks I ask the funniest questions!

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Sabbath Afternoon
At some point in the afternoon, I have fellowship with other Sabbath keepers. There is always a group to be found online discussing the Torah Portions for the week, and I try to drop in on at least one. Having brethren be on the same page in the Bible is always an iron sharpening iron experience. It’s also a wonderful day of greeting and connecting with each other in the Name of YHWH. He is doing a mighty work binding together His remnant as the end of days approaches. I also make one “fellowshipping phone call” in the afternoon on a more personal level. Many I know have small groups that meet at someone’s house, but for me, for now, the phone and computer suffice.

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My Sabbath with YHWH:
I make sure that the majority of my time is spent with YHWH. Fellowship with Him is the most important relationship I have. I keep a Sabbath journal to record my experiences and thoughts as I draw nearer to Him. I’m amazed when I look back through the journal and realize how much deeper and sweeter my walk with YAH has become as I continue on my Sabbath journey. New truths light up for me, new understandings, new revelations. I’m deeply blessed and restored in these quiet afternoons.

As Sabbath Ends:
I’ll admit that as the sun begins to set, I feel a bit of sadness to know that the sanctified day is coming to an end. I finish it like I began, in deep prayer and thanksgiving for this opportunity to rest and seek His heart. Without fail, I go to bed on Saturday night already anticipating the Shabbat coming in less than a week!

I’ve enjoyed sharing my Sabbath experience with you, and it is my prayer that you, too, will follow the prompting in your spirit to observe this blessed (and commanded) day off!

Shabbat Shalom! 

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    I WAS JUST DOUBLE BILLED AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS CANCEL MY DAMN SUBSCRIPTION. NOT A GOOD WAY FOR YOU TO HELP ME START MY SABBATH! Very bad business to cause me this much trouble while selling a Sabbath magazine.