Does Your God Know How To Use A Measuring Tape?

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Does Your God Know How To Use A Measuring Tape?
Short thought about the surrendering to a weekly time with God through keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.

I often think I know what is best for my life, I am tempted to plan out my life down to the smallest detail.
The Question is…. If I do not ask God what the next step should be for my life, am I missing His will?
Can I PLAN out my life and accomplish His Will?
Can I pray my will into the spiritual world and “Make” it happen?
If I “Make it happen” is this REALLY God’s will or am I actually warring against God?
Am I in fact making myself God?

Let’s go a little deeper, Matt 6:25 – “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?
Up until recently I found myself constantly coming before God thinking that I needed to remind him of the daily details of my life. Somehow I believed that prayer was me telling God what to do. But suddenly this verse came to mind and I had to ask myself do I really believe God is God? Do I really believe that I am his servant? Do I need to remind him of every detail of my life? Or should I be spending my time listening to God and surrendering my will to Him?

What if God is looking for people that will surrender to what he is doing? What if God has already planned out all the details and taking care of all the problems and all He needs now are servants to do His plans and His will?

Is it possible that God has already planned out all the details of our lives and that our LIFE plan is already created and we just have to follow the plan?

To illustrate this possibility, lets look at a true life story:
I have a friend, Charlie Bancroft ( who has always made jokes and occasionally complained about his height and at five foot six- he might have plenty to complain about. Sometime during his Sophomore year in high school, Charlie surrendered his height to God and said “If you can use a short guy, here I am!” He went on to minister to children and traveled the world to proclaim Jesus to Africa and other countries, Charlie came to terms with God that he had created him short for a purpose. After 25 years of service, Charlie did not know why God created him short, but Charlie chose to trust.

What if Charlie had spent his entire life complaining about the way God had made him? What if Charlie had went before God every day and asked him to heal his shortness? But instead Charlie chose to trust God. Trust that God knew what He was doing and Charlie chose to begin living the plan God had for him instead of trying to convince God of his own plan.

One day Charlie was in a 60 mile an hour, head on collision. His vehicle was so crunched from the impact that the steering wheel pushed all the way against the back of the seat. Charlie survived ONLY because he was a smaller guy and he fit between the steering wheel, the seat and the crushed top of the vehicle. As I reached out to Charlie to get his permission to retell his story, He reminded me of some details. Here is Charlie in his own words. “Besides the internal injuries, I had over 20 broken bones, 14 of those being ribs. (One of the points the doctors made to me was that if I were a larger man, one or more of those broken ribs would have punctured my liver and killed me.”
Charlie’s road to recovery has been hard but several years later, He is back to his full time ministry, serving God.

The question to ask here is: Did God know everything in Charlie’s future? Did God reach out into Charlie’s future and take perfect measurements of how tall he would need to be to stay alive in this accident? Did God measure 5.6, slight of build will allow Charlie to continue to minister to thousands of more kids and build a testimony for God? God doesn’t Mis-measure :-)

See… if I think I am smart enough to know what is right for my life then I don’t need God. And then I am stuck with the consequences of my decisions. Being human means I am limited by time and space. Being God means he knows everything at all times in the future and in the past

So the next time that I kneel down and pray, I think I should spend more time trying to bring myself in alignment with God rather than trying to align God with me.
I suspect this will severely impact the way I pray.

Chad Gleaves

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