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“Still not trusting my own eyes, I set out to find a church so I could have my questions answered. As a new believer, I had many! Goodness, I didn’t even know how to pray!” 

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Author: Terrie Carpenter

When I bought my first Bible eight years ago, I had never read from one at all, except the antique my mother had laying on a table as I was growing up.

Hers was so far beyond the understanding of a ten year old, my only interest in it was dusting it on chore day, which was then Saturday. Eight years ago, however, I dove into one I had just bought like a woman who was starving for truth, which I was! I began at Matthew, taking chapter by chapter notes, and summarizing the books when I’d completed each. When I ended my intensive study at Malachi, I felt like I had missed something, and reread the new testament to be sure I hadn’t. I hadn’t. Our Savior observed the Sabbath, and invited men to follow Him-not to walk in a new way.

Still not trusting my own eyes, I set out to find a church so I could have my questions answered. As a new believer, I had many! Goodness, I didn’t even know how to pray! I got up early the next Sunday, tucked my Bible under my arm, and set out to the closest church in my community. After a pleasant service, I got in line to speak with the pastor. I explained to him that I was a new believer, and that I was confused because I couldn’t find where Sabbath had changed days in the bible. I asked him kindly if he would show me. He told me I wouldn’t find it in there, because the day was changed long after the Bible was compiled. It was changed, he informed me, by the Catholic church. He seemed quite comfortable with that concept. I was not. I decided I was going to remember the Sabbath Day, and keep it holy!

The very first week, I received confirmation from On High that I had made the right decision. A peace settled over me like nothing I ever knew. My mind, body and spirit were refreshed and renewed.

In those early days, I had the same problems adjusting as most people do in the beginning. My boss didn’t care for the idea, and neither did my family. Each were used to a specific amount of “output” from me, and each had a specific number of eye-rolls for me when I would approach the subject with them. After about four weeks, everyone began to catch on that I was serious. My schedule at work was changed, and my children, even though they were grown, stopped asking me to do anything that would break my Sabbath commitment. To this day, both family and friends support me in my decision, and eye-rolls are a thing of the past in my personal life.

Church life, however has been a different story. Since I’ve moved a few times in the last few years, I’ve been part of 3 different churches. Since I don’t introduce myself with a statement of being a Sabbath keeping, Torah observant person, I would always arrive at that uncomfortable moment when I would disclose the information. Almost always, it was when I’d been invited to an event that would have me break the Sabbath to attend. Without fail, someone would try to show me the “error” of my ways and talk me out of my decision. Even confronted with the truth of who changed the Sabbath day and when, it was always their goal to show me my wrongness. I’ve been accused of not accepting Jesus’ redemption on the cross, of being a Judaiser, and even of being in a cult! This past summer, I stepped away from the church altogether, which left me lonely for fellowship. There isn’t an assembling of people who share my faith anywhere near in my town, and traveling for fellowship the distance necessary would have me break the Sabbath I keep.

Thankfully, we live in an age when we can connect to others through the world-wide Internet. One by one, I found people to correspond with who did share my faith. I began to understand what worshiping in spirit and truth meant. I have forged excellent friendships with people I may never see in the flesh until after the return of our Messiah.

If you find yourself without fellowship for Sabbath, or are just curious about the day itself, there are many resources on-line and many “virtual” friends ready and happy to fellowship in His Name! Facebook has a plethora of groups and specialty pages dedicated to Sabbath. A simple search will bring up many choices. You may also search the word “Shabbat”, the word for Sabbath in the original Hebrew language.

For those who are not on Facebook, a simple google search (or whatever search engine you prefer) will pull up pages and pages of on-line Sabbath fellowships. A word of caution, though, on any site you may participate in: The Word of our God is above anything, anyone, and any teaching. We test anything we learn against Scripture, and always keep the Scripture in context with the book, chapter and verses it’s nestled between. Our Heavenly Father changes not, and His Word will never contradict itself. If it seems to, the error is with the reader or teacher, and not the Word. If you get in a group or on a site which isn’t teaching Scripture in its proper context, leave immediately. Chances are, though, you will find a connection with which you feel comfortable and you will make some friends and enjoy good fellowships!

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For your convenience, I am attaching a few links where I’ve had nothing but good experiences. As always, though, I do not ask you to take my word for anything. Take it to our Father in prayer, and then do some searching on your own, to find a “fit” for you. Above all, I pray that you will find complete rest in the only commandment that we’re reminded to remember: “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. The Book of Exodus, Holy Scriptures. 

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A complete site with Sabbath Services posted new every Friday evening. This site features an e- magazine, an all natural store, and a discussion and forums board. After Passover, a chat room will be added for Sabbath Day fellowship as well. If you are on Facebook, an extention of the Berea Tabernacle from the Land of Goshen can be found as a group. Feel free to join and fellowship there, too! 


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Here is another site dedicated to the Sabbath truth in the Bible and to unity in the body. Many people I know utilize the information found here. There is a community tab so you can get involved.

With a little research and by word of mouth, you’ll have several online resources for fellowshiping on the Sabbath!

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