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“About The Sabbath Day” is an archive of Sabbath articles, educating people about the difference between the 7th day Sabbath and Sunday. Showing what the Bible says concerning Sabbath and how to spend the day with God.


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The Sabbath Challenge – Lisa G.

A few years ago my husband and I started to feel an incompleteness to our spiritual lives. We have always been taught that the Old Testament is strictly to point us to Jesus and the commandments are just to show us our sin. We also learned that we are now under God’s grace and don’t need to worry about any laws or commands.

Through an in-depth personal study of God’s Word we saw that the Bible is one whole truth that ties together completely. We felt convicted to follow ALL of God’s ways and to start keeping Sabbath, even though we didn’t know anyone else who did.

We start Sabbath at sundown Friday evening and end it at sundown on Saturday. We take that time to focus on connecting with God and resting our bodies.

I started this blog to record my Sabbath experience and find others who also keep the Sabbath. Along the way, I have been constantly encouraged by my readers! Many have kept the Sabbath all or most of their lives. They have been a source of inspiration and information to me! I will continue this blog as long as the Lord leads and directs.
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Weekly Sabbath Podcast


Sabbath Rest Magazine

Sabbath Rest Magazine is published to encourage you to “Spend A Day Resting In God”. Take this Sabbath and spend it with our creator. http://www.SabbathRestMagazine.com

New To Sabbath

The Worlds Largest, 6 week, Interactive Teaching About The Sabbath Day.


Coffee With Sabbath Keepers

Online Facebook Community Encouraging People To Remember The Sabbath Day


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