Can You Earn Your Way To Heaven Through Sabbath Keeping? A Sabbath Poem By Lee Givhan

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Author : Lee Givhan

By Lee Givhan

I’ll give you a clue it starts with C and there’s 10 commandments in it. They’re not multiple choice like A or B nor an option like eating your spinach

And the 10 commandments are also called the Covenant
So when God wrote them with His own finger you better believe He was loving it. Because what makes a woman into a wife, if not that wedding vow?
So that’s what God did, like a man on one knee when Moses brought them down.

It’s an agreement, a testament, a covenant of commitment,
That’s why God called religious people whores
when they professed it but didn’t live it.
Because what use is it to a man if His wife says she loves him,
But she’s messing with some other guy behind the back of her husband.

So Jesus said people would come to Him on that final day of judgement, Saying didn’t we do all kinds of good works in your name,
that counts doesn’t it?

Don’t miss this: these are Christians who clearly want to come with him But He’ll say “depart from me, I never knew you”,
those who practice breaking his covenant.

Because God’s law is His character: love
and without it they must depart
Because if they truly knew Jesus,
the Holy Spirit would have written it on their hearts

I always hear preachers say reasons why we should not reject Jesus But what about the reasons He said He’ll reject us when He sees us?

Like if we didn’t feed the hungry, give to the poor, visit prisoners and clothe the naked
We’re saved by faith, and then
He lives in our place, unless we’re faking

I can hear people saying,
“You think your saved by what you do!”
But what’s the one commandment
that God says to “Rest” and remember that
only He can save you?

“For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the seas, and all that is in them to please us.
So on the seventh He said “don’t do any work”,
Just rest in Jesus!
So we take a day off from our jobs
and tell them God set time aside to see us.

So through Christ I can keep the commandments without trying to work my way to heaven.
I think we’d all agree that it’s wrong to lie, steal, commit adultery or murder your brethren.

So the 9 commandments we say are true are all things God said not to do.
But the one commandment that says “rest” is the one most say is through?

Don’t miss that it’s a gift,
something God made for our benefit
A whole 24 hour period set aside to rest and reverence Him

It’s the 4th commandment, that Saturday Sabbath, where God Himself rested
He sanctified it, He set it apart,
on that 7th day, He blessed it.

And some may say, “Who cares about the day?” but explain why God Himself stressed it. And don’t forget that Jesus kept it,
in the Old and New Testament.

So if you believe we’re saved by grace and faith alone show it, let the whole world know it,
And observe that day He said to remember
so we don’t forget and blow it.

Because God still has a remnant church though most have gone astray.

And the devil hates their guts because
they keep the commandments and their faith.

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