When We Focus On The Do-NOT List Of Sabbath, We Are Making Room For The Do List Of Sabbath

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I have had quite a few people ask me if I think people should follow the don’t of sabbath.
For example do not work on Sabbath,,
or do not prepare food on Sabbath.

And I even get people telling me that we should just focus on Jesus and the rest of what we need,
Jesus will provide to us through resting in Him. Although I believe that is true, I think it is missing the point. Rules are not there to be a burden but to set us FREE.

when we start with the don’ts it makes room for the do’s.

Recently my 2 year old daughter Holly was sitting on the counter next to where we cook eggs on the stove. She was fascinated by the process of cracking egg, mixing them into scrambled eggs and putting it into the pan. It wasn’t long before she reached over and “help” me with the cooking. At that moment I told her “Do not touch!! No” and she quickly pulled back her hand and then I begin to explain to her what she could do on the counter. So I had a list of rules that were there to first protect her from her immature mind and then as I begin to educate her to produce maturity in her by explaining what she could do. I think that each do not and do list has a different role in our lives let me explain.

In the case of my daughter and the eggs with the list of do nots, they were there to protect her from immediate harm.

Then when I begin to tell her what she could do, I was actually trying to raise her maturity level so that the next time she sat on the counter she would choose the mature options and begin to do the things like stir the eggs gently or hold the egg gently or help salt the eggs. My whole goal is to raise her maturity level.

I wonder if God doesn’t do the same thing. Does he give us a list of donts to protect us?
It almost seems to me that God gave us the 10 Commandments and other lists of do nots, to provide us with immediate protection. In our childlike states sometimes the don’ts are easier to understand than the does.
Don’t have any Gods Before Me.
Don’t kill
Don’t steal
Don’t Covet

The don’ts actually makes room for the does on the list.
Love the Lord God
Remember sabbath
Honor your mother and Father

Chad Gleaves

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